Taj Mahal Is a Hindu Temple Reveals the Book ‘World Vedic Heritage’

Book Review
The book under review 'World Vedic Heritage - A History of Histories' is written by a great research scholar P.N.Oak after years of research on this subject. This was written way back in 1984 and I have read it long back with wonder. Some of the topics like Taj Mahal was a Hindu Temple, Vedic stanzas are in Koran, Aurangazeb's grave is in a Goddess Temple-Yard etc. attracted me very much. While I am reading this book now, still it fascinates me. Even though the subjects are controversial, the author has given ample authoritative evidence for the readers. The author says that the dome of the Taj Mahal in Agra, near New Delhi, the capital of India, has lotus petals. The lotus petals in inlay-work girding its base, the inverted…
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